Which Hydro Flasks Fit in Cup Holders? The Ultimate Guide (Updated for 2022) (2023)


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​The adapters we review below are:


With the every-growing popularity of reusable water bottles like Hydro Flasks, more and more people are wondering what is the best way to keep their bottle close at hand on the road?

But which Hydro Flasks fit in cup holders, and do you need a cup holder adapter for your car? This can be a tougher question to answer than you might initially think because of the sheer number of cup holder designs and water bottle sizes.

​We've developed this step-by-step guide to help you make the best decision for your situation.

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​And while this post is primarily focused on Hydro Flasks, it also applies to similar reusable bottles like Nalgenes, YETIs, Klean Kanteens, Iron Flasks, Thermoflasks, Takeyas, Simple Moderns, Fifty/Fifty, and many others that are on the market today.

​STEP #1


​Before thinking about which Hydro Flask will work for you, we recommend taking a closer look at your car

First, measure your cup holder's diameterand save it for later.


determine if you have a "standard" or "non-standard" cup holderaccording to the descriptions below. This can have a major impact on whether cup holder adapters would fit securely in your vehicle, which opens the possibility of using larger bottles.

What is a "Standard" Cup Holder?

If you have a cup holder that looks like this, then you're in luck! These are what we call a "standard" cup holder.

Generally, these include any cup holders that:

  1. are circular,
  2. have an even rim around the top, and,
  3. are 2.5" to 3.25" in diameter (most adapters fit standard cup holders in this range)

The cup holders fit the widest range of Hydro Flasks. Many smaller Hydro Flasks fit in them already, and you should have plenty of good options for after-market cup holders like the BottlePro adapter to fit larger bottles.

What is a "Non-Standard" Cup Holder?

If you have a cup holder that looks like any of these, then it gets a little trickier. Most of them are still OK with smaller Hydro Flasks, but if you're looking to use a larger bottle, then you might have problems finding a cup holder adapter that fits securely in your car.

Some of the more common examples of "non-standard" cup holders include:

  1. ​Uneven rim around the top
  2. Overhanging dashboard
  3. Not circular
  4. Retractable cover
  5. Retracts into the dashboard
  6. In the car door
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Now that you know whether you have a "standard" or "non-standard" cup holder, it's time to think about what size bottle you'd like to have. Keep in mind that the "narrow", "wide", or "oversized" designations below refer to the bottle diameter, not the mouth diameter. For example, you can have a 20oz Wide Mouth bottle that is categorized under "Narrow" because it is only 2.91" diameter.

The lists below are based on specifications listed on Hydro Flasks websiteand some that we independently verified. If you already have a bottle, we recommend measuring its base yourself to make 100% sure that you have the correct measurement. If your bottle has a protective boot, then you should also include this in the width measurement (they generally add around 0.25" to the diameter, but it varies based on the boot manufacturer).

The mug measurements are for the diameter of the body, not including the handle.

The links in the lists of bottles go to the product pages on Amazon.

"Narrow" Bottles

Bottle diameter less than 3.0".
Best for shorter trips, or if you are able to refill your bottle easily.

Many of these fit in car cup holders.

The complete list of "narrow" bottles includes:

  1. 12/16/20oz CoffeeBottle(2.9") (not the coffee mugs)
  2. 18/21/24oz Standard Mouth (2.81")
  3. 20ozWide Mouth (2.91")
  4. 21oz Standard Mouth (2.81")
  5. 21/24oz Trail Series(2.8")
  6. 24ozStandard or Wide Mouth (2.85") (the Hydro Flask website currently shows the 24oz Wide Mouth optionas 3.73", but this is a mistake)
  7. 12/16/20/28oz All Around Tumbler. These have tapered sides that are smaller at the bottom and are designed for cup holders.

"Wide" Bottles

Bottle diameter from 3.0" and 3.8"​
Generally, these are better for longer trips or adventures.

Most cars need an adapter to use these.

The complete list of "wide" bottles includes:

  1. 32/40oz Wide Mouth(3.58")
  2. 32oz Trail Series (3.3")
  3. 6oz Coffee Mug(3.5")
  4. 12oz Coffee Mug(3.5"?) (we couldn't independently verify this measurement since it was out-of-stock at our local REI, but we think 3.5" is correct)

Oversized Bottle

Bottle diameter greater than 3.8"

Not compatible with most cup holder adapters (but there is an option listed below for the 24oz Coffee Mugs).

The complete list of "oversized" bottles includes:

  1. Growler, 64oz (4.72")
  2. 24oz Coffee Mug (3.9")



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There's a lot of information here, so to make it easier, we've developed this flowchart to help you sort through it all. You just need to know (1) whether you have a "standard" or "non-standard" cup holder and (2) the diameter of your cup holder compared the diameter of your desired bottle.

Disclaimer:The information provided above has been fact-checked against Hydro Flask and Amazon websites (and with some in-person measurements). The flowchart below is based on our experience and observations. However, please note that we cannot 100% guarantee compatibility of any resulting purchases you make because there are literally hundreds of thousands of different bottle/cup holder/adapter combinations once you add them all up. But hey, that's what return policies are for!

With that said, let's dive right in!



(Video) Large cup holder extender expander Seven Sparta vs Swigzy

​If you determined that you need an adapter, then check out the adapters listed below. Unlike back in 2015 when BottlePro launched, there are plenty of cup holder adapter options on the market nowadays. Here are some of our favorites.

Best Budget Option

Amazon Basics

Like with most busy product categories, Amazon released their own version. First available in late 2021, it has undercut most of the cup holders on the market but is still quite functional.


  1. Twist-to-Expand Base - Very easy to use and reliable.
  2. Cost-Effective- Less expensive than premium options while still having great functionality.
  3. Rubber Tabs- Great for centralizing narrow bottles.


  1. Amazon...- Some people prefer to order from small businesses.
  2. Base Height Not Extendable- The base is fairly short, which doesn't always work great with deeper cup holders.
  3. Mug Handle Cutout - The cutout is not as deep as some other cup holders, so mugs probably won't rest evenly.

Best Alternative to Amazon Basics

BottlePro (3rd Gen)

Released in December, 2022, BottlePro Max is our 3rd generation cup holder adapter. With a twist-to-expand base and flexible centralizing tabs, our new version BottlePro works with many more cup holders and bottles than our 2nd version one.

​We encourage you to check it out!

BottlePro (2nd Gen)

This is our 2nd version BottlePro adapter. We're not exactly impartial, but our current BottlePro is a great, cost-effective option that fits a wide range of bottle and cup holder combinations.


  1. Multiple Adapter Rings - Each unit comes with 2 adapter rings and a foam sleeve, and it fitsmost standard cup holders.
  2. Cost-Effective- Less expensive than most premium options, but has wider compatibility than some other adapters that do not have an adjustable base.
  3. Extendable Base Height- You can set the adapter rings at different heights, which can help with deeper cup holders.


  1. Base- The adapter rings are effective, but they're not quite as easy to adjust as the twist-to-set adapters. (that's what BottlePro v3 will use).​
  2. No Rubber Tabs- Not as good for holding narrow bottles or tumblers (BottlePro v3 will have these).

Best Premium Option


Swigzy has also had a few upgrades over the years, and we honestly love the newest version. It's a great pick for a premium cup holder option that should fit the widest range of cup holder and bottle combinations.


  1. Twist-to-Expand Base- Very easy to use and reliable.
  2. Rubber Tabs- Great for centralizing narrow bottles.
  3. Extendable BaseHeight - Comes with spacers to extend the base height, which can help with deeper cup holders.
  4. Offest Option- The top can be shifted over by adjusting a screw. Pretty nifty, and this helps when trying to fit two side-by-side.


  1. Cost- Quite a bit more expensive than the others on this list.​
(Video) The 5 Best Hydro Flasks to Buy in 2023 ( Reviews ) | Hydro Flask With Straw

Alternative for Bottles between 3.8" and 4.25"


Overall, we're not too big of fans of this cup holder. It's OK, but there are other options that are either less expensive and are also adjustable (BottlePro or Amazon Basics), or that are more premium and versatile (Swigzy). But it does have one thing going for it:


  1. Removable Rubber Tabs- Thetabs can be pulled out and stored in a cavity in the bottom. Also, it has a slightly larger diameter than some other adapters. This makes it a good option for the 24oz Coffee Mug in particular.


  1. Base Design- The rubber fins on the base are extremely stiff. This is good for keeping the adapter in place, but it can be challenging to pull the adapter out. Also, the rubber fins deform and don't look as good as they did new.


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